Simulation eLearning System

Earn and Retain

CC Logo “Communication Coach is the single largest breakthrough in training our team has ever experienced. We expected to get a maximum increase of 5% in production and our production rose by 19.24%” Communication Coach is a voice based simulation eLearning system designed specifically CC Cloudto build skills for your customer service team. Using completely customized scenarios from your business, Communication Coach simulates the most important conversations your people have with your customers. Communication Coach incorporates state-of-the-art voice based simulation capabilities that dramatically improves the skills and confidence of your employees in communicating with your customers in a significantly compressed time frame. (Contact us for details on our case studies.)

  • Your new hires will build skills rapidly, without having to practice on your actual customers.
  • This proven strategy enables all of your employees to consistently perform at or near the level of your best performers.
  • It enhances the use of one’s voice as a powerful sales tool through strategic use of tone, tempo, volume and inflection.
  • It will significantly improve confidence with new skills leading to more frequent use and earlier successes.